Sylwia Majdan

Wrzesień 02, 2016 · Designers


Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 13.48.20Sylwia Majdan is progressively developing Polish fashion designer. She successfully graduated from economics faculty at University of Szczecin, and on the other hand from W. Strzemiński Academy of Arts in Łódź. Her interest in design rapidly outgrew in her profes
sional career. When in 2004, she presented her first collection – she became semifinalist of prestige competition „Oskary Mody New Look”. In her atelier, Sylwia creates only most unique styles and shapes. However, she states that everybody will find interesting and original for themselves. Her unusual world of fashion is full of tints, seductive manners and women silhouettes. Her rare way of cutting and wonderful taste as a tailor made Silvia Majdan brand one of the greatest and well-respected names in Polish fashion world by quality and elegance. For many years in a row, Sylwia uses only the best fabrics and fashion creations, which are made from them, that underline the beauty and femininity of silhouette for every woman. When you see them, you want to touch them, but when you touch – you cannot resist trying it on.