Kwiecień 21, 2016 · Designers

anoufa_conpect-3Maison Anoufa is a Polish-French Fashion House. It was founded by Anoufa family in Algeria in 1939 and quickly became well known of it’s excelent tailoring. One of their customers was Air Algeria.

In 1949 the Anoufa family decided to move to France and continue to run their company in Paris. They earned a good name for the comapny very fast and not only had their own brand, but worked with the biggest names in the fashion industry. In 1958 they designed and produced for Cacharel and Pierre Cardin. In 1962 they collaborated with Chanel. The same year they opened their first accessories store. Finally in 1964 they worked with Yves Saint Laurant.

The comapny was closed in 1990 due to the retairment of the owners. But one of the grandchildren of the owner – Ylan – took interest in tailoring and fashion. From the very early age he was assisting his grandfather at the atelier and learned how to make a garment from scratch. During the last 15 years he has gained the experiance in design, production and managment whilst working for many european and american brands such as Fubu, Drunkin’ Monkey, Seven Seven Jeans, Willy Esko and Fashion Tv to name a few. In 2010 he decided to reopen the company and focus on quality, elegant and unique designs.

Maison Anoufa is now a premium brand directed to women who value timeless, classic clothes with a modern twist. It’s main focus is on quality, creativity and exclusivity. Maison Anoufa Couture Collection was shown during Paris Fashion Week.