Maj 13, 2015 · Designers



I am a visual artist working with paintings, sculpture and fashion design, graduated in Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw (2007) . In 2010 I started my fashion brand Zwolińska. I design casual collections dedicated to women who appreciate and love comfort, quality and most of all the original look


Our brand was launched in 2010 by a Polish artist and fashion designer Ewa Zwolińska. It all started with the idea to make art more available so that it can become part of our everyday life. She then decided to take portraits out of their frames and transfer them onto individually designed pieces. Thanks to our brand you can be part of an artistic performance and spread the beauty of art and fashion combined together! What is it that is so interesting about faces then? They definitely draw so much of our attention everyday. We believe this is because they are so absolutely unique! They are nearly like fingerprints – there is not another one alike. Our projects are very unusual and allow you to express yourself by wearing a portrait of your choice.