Marzec 20, 2015 · Designers

12 ENNBOW creates contemporary classic wear for a modern, active woman. Our ultimate collections blend timeless elegance, deliberate design and functionality, taking you in an effortless change from executive chic to smart casual. Innovation is inherent in ENNBOW’s philosophy. We base our products on state-of-the-art, technologically-advanced materials and processes, while our R&D activities surround the needs and comfort of a working woman.

This fusion of elegance, comfort and technology emanates from our new collection of business tops. Simple forms with a sophisticated finish are carved out of high-performance, thermo-active fabrics, ensuring body heat and moisture control throughout the day. ENNBOW is also meant to inspire. We infuse fashion into business wear, reconcile dress code and serve as a platform for networking, sharing insights and exchanging ideas.

ENNBOW was founded by Kasia Piasecki, as a reaction to the lack of modern business clothes on the market. Taking clues from everyday experiences as an investment banking woman, Kasia established a brand that addresses a challenging and dynamic lifestyle, reinvents the formal look, and makes women wear their clothes with joy and delight.