Szymon Brodziak

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SZYMON BRODZIAK BORN 1979 IN POLAND. SPECIALIZES IN UNCONVENTIONAL BLACK AND WHITE ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS WITH PERSONAL APPROACH. ‚What you see, is who you are’ – says Brodziak, an economy graduate taken over by passion for photography. After quitting family business, he worked in various advertising agenies, assisting in fashion and advertising shootings, which today are his main fields of professional activity. His photographs have been published in various fashion and lifestyle magazines, including international edtions of Playboy and Italian Vogue. Still as a student, Szymon won Johnnie Walker Keep Walking Award for the constant fulfillment of dreams and the passion for setting new paths in the search of beauty. Since then he has obtained many international awards, both for commercial and personal projects, including 3 Gold Medals at 2012 Prix de la Photographie Paris. During 2013 Cannes Film Festival, Brodziak has been officially acclaimed by FashionTV, the best black&white campaign photographer of the world. 
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Misia Łukasiewicz

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Student of Sculpture faculty at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Graduate of Art History at the University of Warsaw. In addition to sculpting her main passion remains painting. In 2012, she stayed in Palermo for a half of year on an artistic scholarship at Accademia di Belle Arte. Her work has been invited to many group exhibitions, such as „Interventions” in Palermo, „The first Mazovian Painting Festival” in Warsaw, an exhibition of sculptures in Saska Kepa Culture Club in Warsaw and „Self-Portraits” in Szczytno. Participant and organizer of the international outdoor (Polish – Lithuanian conceptual outdoor – 2013, open-air painting – Palermo 2012, plein air drawing – Paris 2014 and Greece 2015). Her paintings are in private collections in the country and abroad. She is a co-founder of an Independent Sculptural Group – „Chochoły” (”Sheaves”). The group name refers to a characteristic element of the Polish landscape and focuses on cultural traditions of Central and Eastern Europe.
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