Misia Łukasiewicz Exhibition

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On 19.06.2015 we held an exhibition of Misia Lukasiewicz paintings. Guests enjoyed the exhibtion of beautiful art and performance art that was a part of the event.

Student of Sculpture faculty at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Graduate of Art History at the University of Warsaw. In addition to sculpting her main passion remains painting. In 2012, she stayed in Palermo for a half of year on an artistic scholarship at Accademia di Belle Arte. Her work has been invited to many group exhibitions, such as „Interventions” in Palermo, „The first Mazovian Painting Festival” in Warsaw, an exhibition of sculptures in Saska Kepa Culture Club in Warsaw and „Self-Portraits” in Szczytno. Participant and organizer of the international outdoor (Polish – Lithuanian conceptual outdoor – 2013, open-air painting – Palermo 2012, plein air drawing – Paris 2014 and Greece 2015). Her paintings are in private collections in the country and abroad.

She is a co-founder of an Independent Sculptural Group – „Chochoły” (”Sheaves”). The group name refers to a characteristic element of the Polish landscape and focuses on cultural traditions of Central and Eastern Europe. Misia’s paintings are usually created in the open air because this way she returns to tradition and emphasizes the connection with nature. In her works arises figure of a Jester (Stańczyk), which contemplates the native landscape of Mazovia. On the exhibition are also presented paintings from series „Holly Days”. This is how she describes the theme of the cycle: Every year, periodically we observe similar behavior of people, changing ornaments in cities, colors in churches, growing tension and expectations connected with all the different smells. I’m interested in what remains after the celebration. Peoples’ emotions and changes in the landscape just after the big day, or a significant moment. Every holly day, either established by the state, or church or tradition it is periodical: lasts, passes, returns. When I create a painting for this cycle, I can be more focused on each Holly Day. It allows me to catch a moment, observe and analyze people’s emotions and truly feel the joy of this extra ordinary day.

Photos: Stefan M. Ronisz.


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